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The KAFESTA agent is networked around the world.
The Alliance in Agent is a member of KAFESTA.
Customers can directly benefit from counseling and services
through KAFESTA agents in the region.


1. Recruitment of overseas agents by KAFESATA
KAFESTA recruits agents from all countries that import Korean vehicles.
The contents are as follows.

1) Country of recruitment
All countries importing Korean used cars

2) Qualification
A company interested in importing Korean cars
Trusted local company with no credit issues
A company that can secure a deposit for the safety of its business
Deposit: $5,000 (Secured by KAFESTA HQ)

3) Examination
Review the agent companies you applied for a period of time (6 months)
or give a agent right after verify


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2. The Role of Agents

1) Local customer consultation
2) Buyer Agreement
3) Customs clearance support
4) Local advertisement
5) Local Sales Agency
6) Local Importer Information Support
7) Sharing local trade information


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3. Agent Benefits

1) Local sales agent fee revenue
2) Agency revenue generated when purchasing and customs clearance
3) Revenue from local sales agencies