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Official Certified Inspection Report(OCIR)

Registered Date: 2022-03-29 10:53:31

No Inspection Report

*Please note that this vehicle does not have an Official Certified Inspection Report and cannot verify the performance and mileage.

What you should know before purchase

Used Vehicles are not in perfect condition. There can be wears, tears, minor or major problems. The exterior may be scratched, dented, rusted, and or have other defects that are not visible through photos. Please note that the actual quality conditions may vary from what is stated and of the photos. Some parts may need to be fixed and replaced. Take extra caution in purchasing when the item is abnormally cheap.
All items are sold “AS-IS”
This means that items are sold in their current state, without any warranty or guarantee of future quality. Many items are sold without fix or repair to keep the price competitive. Kafesta does not guarantee that the quality of the item accurately corresponds to the information stated by the seller. We recommend you to review information very seriously.
TAXI: Claims Unavailable
“TAXI” means that the vehicle used to be a taxi. It may be in a poorer condition and have higher mileage compared to other vehicles. Kafesta will not take part in any claims on Taxis.
Exteriors and Consumable Parts: Claims Unavailable
Kafesta does not accept claims on exteriors and consumable parts. Please check before purchasing what items are guaranteed and what is not.
Are you an individual buyer?
Kafesta is a wholesale marketplace for professional dealers. Individual buyers buying cars for personal possession must recognize the aspects of wholesale trading and the risks involved with importation. Like any other dealer, they should not expect additional services aside from the ones already mentioned. Please note that we have our limits in guaranteeing quality, meaning that you are purchasing cars at your own risk.